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 Reçu Couture

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Reçu not only provides you with the finest clothes ever imagined, but also gives you a chance to design it for yourself. 

As our tagline "couture unique pour vous" meaning uniquely stitched for you, Introducing Reçu Couture, an online personalized boutique where you people can send us inspirations or pictures of what you want to be customized and contact us via social media or mail so that we can make it happen for you in a convenient rate!

Ways of Contact

You can use our mail our DM us on Instagram @Reculabel to get faster replies in a convenient manner


You can either tell the measurements from the Universal Measuring Chart or you can add your own measurements because it will be personalized according to you, only for you

Send the picture!

Send the picture that you want us to reform with your ideas and a pinch of  us to get a perfect blend for yourself


We won't add any hidden or additional charges. Everything will be calculated on the spot and only prepaid payment are allowed

Hard to explain in text?

We will arrange a meeting specially for you to understand you the fullest. We will try to give our ideas and its your decision to make it work or not. Your satisfaction is our priority. 

Shipping Details

The shipping will be depended on the type of material you want us to make it. But it will take maximum 7-9 business days for us to dispatch the personalized piece.


Like what you see? Get in touch to learn more.

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