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Reçu Self


Reçu is a building brand owned by a woman obsessed with old-money aesthetics and the elegance of it. Today’s world is beautiful as it is but finding this aesthetic in the market is not easy. Classy and elegant is a way to express your beauty in the most magnificent way, that’s what we think and hence bringing this thought out and building a brand around it is our goal.

"Dressing is a way of life"

- Yves Saint Laurent

Fabric used in this company


"couture unique, pour vous"

every piece of clothing is uniquely stitched for you, keeping in mind every women is beautiful in her own way and we are here to bring more spark to your beauty. 



Our vision is to bring all the elegance we don’t seem to find anymore easily in women’s clothing, inspired by the 90’s cinema and 90’s luxury fashion brands at a reasonable price. With all due respect to every aesthetic style and era, our mission is to reach the audience who have the same mindset as us and serve them the best.

Luxury fashion brands like Ralph Lauren, Yves Saint Laurent, etc. are what take our breath away the most, especially “90’s or vintage” fashion collections by these brands are ‘Magnifique‘. 


Reçu hopes to bring that back with our combination of femme fatale and old money. 



Each delivery will take up to 7-10 business days. You can track your order through the tracking ID provided on your registered mobile number. 


There will be strictly no returns or exchange except of any inconvenience. If any damage or inconvenience is caused by us, then the product can be returned fully sealed with our packaging.


After you log in, you will earn 50 discount points and every purchase will give you 200 discount points. After reaching a certain point limit, you will receive discount on your purchases. 

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